Games aren’t bad for kids - parents are!

shaolinda, Monday, March 16th, 2009 at 8:29 am

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That videogames are now in the firing line (in fact, I’d argue that parents’ irresponsible treatment of videogames as a surrogate babysitter is what’s in the firing line) is simply a sign of the times. For decades, we have pointed to television and fast food as the culprits of childhood ill-health. As the childhood obesity issue continues to grow, absorbing more and more of the NHS’ funding with each passing year, videogames have joined television as one of the nation’s favourite sedentary pastimes. No campaign has claimed that videogames are inherently unhealthy or bad, but equally, it takes remarkable ignorance to deny that many children play too many games and don’t get enough exercise.

The quote is fron an article by Rob Fahey and you find The Big, Fat Question on

What’s interesting, and slightly refreshing about the article is that Fahey unlike most people who love games actually admits that there might be a problem with kids spending too much time playing them. And - he points out the real problem: parents letting the kids get away with it. Parents to lazy or ignorant to draw the line, relying on the xbox to act babysitter. Games, like books and movies, does not create problems on their own. They need to be used without sense and consideration to actually cause damage. Anything - papaya fruits, water, milk, jogging, oat meal or indeed computer games - used in escess, may be harmful.

Didn’t we already know that? Isn’t that just common sense?

Anyway - the article is nice reading as Fahey avoids getting all defensive and sticks to the point.

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